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When I first arrived into the world of advanced skin solutions I was at the end of my spotty rope. Congested and scarred I was  fed up of people asking what had happened to my skin… Is it an allergy? Did you have a bad reaction to something? Why do you wear so much make- up? I spent hours on holiday piling up the steps; concealer, foundation, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blush… And that classic topping up religiously in bathroom mirrors when I was out.


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I had spent all my money buying products that stripped my skin of oil promising me it would dry out the blemishes and leave me with a flawless face whilst I wandered aimlessly through department stores not knowing who to trust. And just as I had almost given up; I joined the world of advanced skin care solutions.

As one of the lucky few who works in one of these magical skin havens, I saw firsthand the commitment from the team to get results and I became a prime example of before and after; enthusiastically sharing my story with my clients. It took commitment, products and skin peels.DQ Products

I started with two weeks of using DermaQuest’s Stem Cell rebuilding serum, Essential B5 Hydrating serum and Zinclear SPF 30 to strengthen, hydrate and protect my skin barrier before starting on a course of Dermaquest Pumpkin Peels which were the most suitable to my acne prone skin. The magic blend of pumpkin pulp, orange stem cells, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid helped to decongest my skin, reduce inflammation and speed up cell renewal to heal my skin damage whilst rebuilding its strength at the same time.

After arriving anxiously for my first peel I remember lying in anticipation for this agonising burning feeling that I had associated with a chemical peel but it never really came. It was a tingly and warm sensation for up to 5 minutes but I was talked through the whole process word for word and I felt at complete ease throughout the entire treatment. When it was over I felt deeply cleansed, instantly brighter and with my aftercare advice given and a brand new bag of products- Excited to start on my new skin journey!

It took a strict but easy day and night routine and a fortnightly plan of treatments but my congestion cleared, my scars began to lift and my skin now had this incredible glow that beamed at everyone I saw. Instead of pitiful looks I was now greeted with, I want to have your skin.

The key for me was having an advisor I could trust, home care tailored to me and treatments that really worked. I would advise anyone wanting to improve their skin to book in for a consultation and find out how simple changes could transform your skin forever.Hannah Before & After

Perfect skin may be closer than you think…  #YouAtYouBest #DestinationSkin


Frequently Asked Questions about            skin peels…


What happens during the treatment?

A skin peel starts with scanning the skin under a UV lamp and assessing the overall skin condition and highlighting the areas for improvement i.e. dehydration, sun damage etc.

The skin is then cleansed and a prep solution is applied to prepare the skin for the ingredients within the peel so that they can penetrate the lower skin layers effectively. The skin peel for your specific concern is then applied. The final steps include after care products being applied such as serums and an SPF to protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays. Skin Peel treatments can take up to 45mins depending on the severity of the skin needs and the type of peel.

Is it painful?

The sensation of skin peels will vary from person to person – this is due to skin tolerance, skin condition, severity of a skin complaint and the strength of the peel. Most common feelings from skin peels are; tingling, warmth and tightness. These all mean the active ingredients are penetrating the lower layers of the skin and are getting to work effectively in those lower layers.

Is there any downtime?

There is no long term damage to the skin from peels, however you may have some downtime and peeling with some of our strongest peels. Your practitioner will explain the possibility of down time with you prior to starting the treatment and the possibility of working up to stronger peels if you wanted to take the treatments up gradually. Using the recommended products before treatment will also help minimize the downtime and ensure the skin is ready and safe before treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The active ingredients in skin peels mean that you will notice an instant brightening effect after a single treatment. For optimal results, we recommend a course of skin peels. Treatment intervals will depend on the strength of the peel, however your practitioner will advise you on the correct plan to ensure maximum results and get the best possible outcome for your skin.

What happens after the treatment?

After care advice and a great homecare kit is essential and the key to maintaining your results at home. I would always recommend a hydrating serum such as Dermaquests B5 Hydrating serum to bring back the glow and supple look to the skin as well as a simple but advanced day and night routine such as Obagi’s 360 homecare kit. It is important to start introducing everyday sun protection to protect combined with a retinol in the evening to resurface and refine the skin.

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