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A new safety campaign from DestinationSkin

Here at DestinationSkin, we offer a very powerful range of treatments, from IPL and laser hair removallaser skin treatments, CACI (the non-surgical facelift), through SmoothShapes and injectable treatments to relax wrinkles, fill deep lines and more.

The kind of results these treatments deliver can be dramatic – because the technology we use is, frankly, pretty incredible, and very safe in the right hands. But what if your therapist isn’t qualified, or is using less-than-trustworthy technology?

Stay safe – be informed

Chemicals, lasers and injectables can be dangerous in the wrong hands. To put it simply, if it’s strong enough to deliver tangible results, then it’s strong enough to handle with care.

That’s why we’ve started a new campaign to promote safety and best practice in the cosmeceuticals industry. It’s called ‘Always Ask’.

Every month, we’re focusing on a new area of aesthetic practice, and asking our clinical team what you need to be asking before you think about booking a treatment. This month, we’re focused on injectable treatments.

Always Ask – injectables

Our clinical team have come up with four questions you should never be afraid to ask anyone who offers anti-wrinkle injections, MesotherapySclerotherapy, or fillers:

Are they administered in a well-regulated clinic?

DestinationSkin clinics are regulated private hospitals on the high street. We are members of the:

  • CQC – Care Quality Commisson- website
  • IHAS – Independent Healthcare Advisory Service – website
  • RQIA – Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority – website
  • HIW – Healthcare Inspectorate Wales – website

Will you be treated by an experienced Doctor or Nurse Injector following face-to-face consultation?

DestinationSkin’s doctors and nurse injectors provide over 120,000 consultations and injectable and cosmetic enhancement treatments a year, making us a highly experienced and respected treatment provider.

Meet our clinical team>

See an anti-wrinkle treatment & consultation:


Does your clinic only use internationally recognised manufacturers and products? We use premium products from proven manufactures, including  Toxin, Sculptra, Voluma and Radiesse.

Will they really able to achieve the results that you want?

Injectables can deliver great results. We’ll always be honest about what’s achievable, and recommend alternatives if injectables aren’t the more appropriate option for you.

When you’re thinking of booking in for an advanced aesthetic treatment, remember to Always Ask

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