Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scars are the most common side effect of acne. Inflammation caused by acne can leave skin feeling bumping and discoloured long after the break outs have stopped. Our acne scar treatments are designed to reduce visibility of scars and lift pigmentation. The right treatment will depend on how severe your scarring is, and will require a friendly consultation with one of our experts.

We can remove Acne Scars, gently safely and permanently. Speak to our expert team today.

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How do I get rid of acne scars?

We specialise in resurfacing treatments to reduce visible acne scars. They gently remove the top layers of skin and encourage the body to produce new skin cells. Read more about our scar reduction treatments below:

Skin Peels

Improve the texture and smoothness of skin with highly effective skin peels, suitable for face & body acne scars.

Genuine Dermaroller™ Micro Needling

A gentle micro-needling treatment designed to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, proven to help reduce acne scars.

Laser resurfacing

Our Palomar laser is an advanced FDA approved treatment for the overall reduction of scars, only available in DestinationSkin Manchester.


Improve the texture and smoothness of skin with medical grade microdermabrasion, a commonly used resurfacing treatment suitable for face & body acne scarring.

Next Steps:

Our experienced professional team will help reduce visible acne scars. Your aftercare and results are our priority. Use the form on this page to speak to an expert today.


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