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Trust DestinationSkinTo offer advanced skin solutions, DestinationSkin has developed more than leading technology and cutting edge clinics – our greatest business asset is our expert team. Our personable, professional specialists are passionate about achieving effective and safe treatment results every time. Which means our clients know they are always in safe hands.

Specialist practitioners

At the heart of our business lie our teams of experienced practitioners – they create the bespoke treatment journeys that deliver real results. Knowledgeable and expert, every practitioner undergoes DestinationSkin’s widely esteemed and extensive training programme. It provides latest thinking and practice in all treatments from skin peels through to laser. So you can rest assured that our people have the skills and experience to offer advanced skin solutions, safely and with confidence.

Clinical Team

Doctors, dentists, independent nurse prescribers and our own clinical director make up the DestinationSkin clinical team. They undertake clinical consultations, and as part of an individual’s bespoke journey may recommend powerful prescription regimes and advanced skin and injectable treatments.

Safety is our standard

We are rigorous in our commitment to safety. All of our clinics are regulated and accredited. Our impeccable track record and investment in high quality, regulated and proven specialist equipment means you can have complete confidence and trust DestinationSkin to administer treatments and products safely to achieve the results you want.

You’re in Safe Hands

When considering advanced skin solutions, we recommend that you research three key areas. If your chosen provider is reputable, they will be happy to answer any questions and produce information to assure you of their suitability.

What qualifications and skills does my practitioner have?

DestinationSkin practitioners are renowned for their exceptional levels of training and professionalism. We have an impeccable safety record and safely treat thousands of clients every year.

 Is the provider accredited by any professional bodies?

We are accredited by the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS), the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) and by the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW). All 23 DestinationSkin clinics meet the recommended levels of safety and hygiene and are regularly audited to maintain these standards.

What products will be used?

Finally, DestinationSkin use only the leading, most trusted brands, equipment and products. We work with our manufacturers directly to offer product support and knowledge to our staff and visit their production facilities to ensure premium quality and controls.

If your chosen provider is reputable, they will be happy to answer any questions and provide information to assure you of their suitability.

Next steps

At DestinationSkin we want our clients to feel informed and confident about their treatments. Book a complimentary consultation in one of our DestinationSkin clinics where you can discuss your concerns and goals and can ask our expert practitioners any questions you may have. Find your local clinic by clicking here >>

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