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Our industry leading skin and anti-ageing experts are available in all clinics and are qualified to treat ageing skin concerns.

Find the right anti-ageing expert

Injectable treatments are safe when administered by an anti-ageing expert – so choose your provider wisely. At DestinationSkin we go above and beyond when it comes to recruiting clinicians. All members of our clinical team (Doctors, Dentists and Nurse Prescribers) are put through rigorous trade tests. We accept nothing less than the best amongst our clinical team.

Our anti-ageing philosophy

We specialise in helping people age the way they want. Our clinically proven approach is fueled by reality. We believe in offering a bespoke treatment path for ageing skin because we all age differently and have different ideals. Which is where our anti-ageing experts & injectable expertise comes in. Our goal is to help you prevent and gently erase the signs of visible aging with treatments suitable for everyone who walks through our clinic doors. All treatments are done gradually to maintain a natural result

Meet our gold standard anti-ageing experts:

Dr Daina Jones
Dr Daina Jones MD
Dr Meriem Martin, MBBS, PG Cert in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine, MBCAM is our leading Non-Surgical Face Lift expert and a resident injectables specialist for our Basingstoke clinic.
Dr Meriem Martin
Dr Alexa Jane Croffey MBChB (Hons) is a fully certified GMC registered doctor with many years’ experience in Medicine and Surgery.
Dr Alexa Jane Croffey
 Claire Coleman is an expert in facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing injectable treatments.  She has been a specialist within the cosmetic and aesthetics industry since 2009.
Nurse Claire Coleman

Nurse Karen Liggins
Nurse Emeline Hartley
Nurse Emeline Hartley

Next Steps

If you’re considering anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections or dermal fillers, the most important step is to speak to a qualified expert. Click here to find availability at your local clinic.

Age in your own time 

Clients often tell us that they don’t want to turn back the clock – they just want to regain control. It’s not about looking younger, it’s about staying you, and waking up each day looking your best. Our anti-ageing experts offer injectable treatments to smooth lines and reflate even the deepest of wrinkles using only the most trusted gold standard products in the industry. Read more about anti-ageing injections here.

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